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She caused him injuries. She needs to be punished for assault. That said, she didn’t kill him. He refused medical treatment which is what actually killed him. His refusal of medical care isn’t her fault. He and his family were negligent in their actions. It sucks but that 25 years of friends signature shirt at the hospital. This lady is trash. However, in my opinion, she should be tried for assault not murder, maybe manslaughter. She wanted to hurt him not kill him. It would be hard proof in court he died from injuries to versus old age.

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The court would have to use the 25 years of friends signature shirt at the evidence, not the families’ beliefs. Maybe in civil court, but she was riding the bus, so I’m sure she does not have any money. Can I play advocate what this lady did was terrible and yes she should be punished, but is murder not killing someone with intent.save the political comments for political stories? Is that really too much to ask? Couldn’t this comment section focus on this tragic death?

25 years of friends signature Sweater


I don’t think she intended to kill this poor man, would a 25 years of friends signature shirt of manslaughter not be more fitting. Just my observation. How did everyone else on this bus sit by and let her go off on this man? There’s no way I could sit back and let some argue and push an elderly man. How about everyone – whatever your political leanings.

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